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With a shared passion for a renewable world

Turning old mines into sustainable energy storages


Committed to a zero-carbon future

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Our experience, combined with customer relationships and partnerships with energy companies, mining companies, equipment suppliers, ensures the qualification, development and operation of grid-scale mine storages using infrastructure that is already available and in that way Mine Storage enables a sustainable energy transition.

We have put together a team that can build Mine Storage into the global leader in grid-scale energy storage

When we summarize our experiences, we have worked 200 years within many areas of the power industry – from hydropower, wind development, energy trading and more. Our staff has completed more than 30 infrastructure projects, each valuing up to 300 MEUR. We been a part of 19 start-ups, have had 14 CEO roles and and we have been involved in over 10 M&A transactions.
Operational team

Jenny Nilander

Head of Project Management

Mikael Larsson image

Mikael Larsson

CFO & Director Energy Markets

Stefan Borsos image

Stefan Borsos

Head of Business Development

Robert Magnusson image

Robert Magnusson

Head of Development of Asset Management

Stefan Sädbom Image

Stefan Sädbom

Chief Geologist

Maria Säfström

Head of Environment and Permitting

Board of Directors
Boel Rydena Swartling

Boel Rydenå-Swartling

Sustainability entrepreneur & investor

Per Rutegård

Per Rutegård

Aros Bostadsutveckling AB

Johan Söderbom

Johan Söderbom


Carl Berglund​

Carl Berglund

Landmark Power Holdings

Johan Söderbom

Johan Söderbom


Carl Berglund​

Carl Berglund


Partners etc
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Dairyland Power Cooperative


We look forward to hearing from you regarding interest in the mine storage concept, partnerships, opportunities, support, or any other subject that you want to speak to us about.

30 years of experience from the energy industry, whereof 26 at ABB. Have led small global marketing teams and large organizations with over 300 employees.

Over 10 year experience from profit/loss responsibility for international project businesses up to 300 MUSD.

Thomas is thrilled by combining new technologies and innovation with business development.

He led the team sales of the world’s largest battery energy storage system, installed in Fairbanks, Alaska and was engaged in the development and market introduction of several of ABB’s technologies such as HVDC & FACTS Light and Motorformer.

18 years of experience in international market entries and investments within renewable energy, energy efficiency and infrastructure.

10 years of experience from project management within operational development, performance management, management accounting, project finance, marketing, and strategy. He is also an active board member within the energy sector.

Played a key part of the development of the Vaasa Energy cluster in Finland.

Mikael Larsson has extensive experience in trading, business development and strategy from the energy industry.

Mikael Larsson has held several senior positions in companies such as Mälarenergi, Logica, Vattenfall Management Consulting, Elverket Vallentuna El and Linde Energi.

Energy trading, business development, management and strategy have been recurring themes and he has also held CEO positions.

Stefan Borsos has almost 30 years of experience from the hydro power industry with 15 years in senior manager roles within sales, project management and service.

Stefan has also been the CEO of Voith Hydro AB, responsible for closing international deals in the billion SEK range.

Robert Magnussom has 25 years of experience from both operational and managerial level within the hydropower industry.

He has held senior positions within different companies in the Vattenfall group since 1998, notably Head of Vattenfall Hydropower PMO for Investment with an investment volume of SEK 900 million, Business Area Manager for Service, and most recently Head of Vattenfall Hydropower’s organization for adaptation into the new Swedish environmental legislation for all hydropower plants.

Maria has 20 years of experience of working with ESG on both operational and managerial level, primarily within the environmental field. 

Prior to joining Mine Storage Maria held the position as head of sustainability at the Swedish TSO Svenska Kraftnät. 

Previously, she has had senior positions within environmental consulting as well as sustainability manager within real estate and has experience as a County Administrative Boards official. She brings along experience of various issues related to environmental due diligence, permitting, impact assessment, planning and consultation process as well as strategic use of sustainability as a tool for business development. 

In addition, Maria has held a CEO-position and has experience of board work. 

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