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CMO and Co-Founder Anna Engman in the SWITCH – Not Just Another Podcast

Anna Engman, Co-founder and CMO of Mine Storage

Did you know that fossil based energy production contributes to nearly 30 % of CO2 emissions globally? With the urgent need to change fossil based energy production to renewables, as well as coping with the new energy era that we are coming into, an old idea that has been around for decades is now becoming very interesting.

Join us in the new episode of the Switch podcast as we dive into the world of large scale energy storage with Anna Engman, co-founder of Mine Storage and an avid entrepreneur and investor with experience of scaling several technology companies. Discover how Mine Storage’s unique approach harnesses the potential of old mines and proven technology to redefine the way we store and utilize energy. Learn how a single mine storage, utilizing 100 MW capacity can provide a city of 250,000 households with energy for up to 12 hours, but also what are the needs for large-scale sustainable energy storage and the next steps for Mine Storage.

Listen to the episode here. 

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