Sustainable Mine Storage

Mine Storage provides a storage solution with a unique, modular design, and reliable functionality. Our design is a fast response, closed loop system in abandoned underground mines. By using underground mines, we minimize the environmental impact, reduce construction costs, and utilize existing infrastructure such as grid connections. The availability of sites in the world is significant, as it is estimated that there are more than 500 000 abandoned mines with no current purpose.

We use modern modular technology from established providers adapted to meet the requirements of today’s electricity and balancing markets. Our solution is always designed based on how revenue will be generated, i.e. from electricity trade arbitrage and/ or ancillary services such as grid frequency control. Mine Storage is a suitable solution for both bulk storage and balancing services. For each mine storage plant, the operational model is developed to optimize the revenue based upon the conditions of the local market.

Our Recipe

We manage the whole value chain, from qualifying and acquiring suitable sites, and project development, to financial structuring, design, procurement and construction, and on to technical and commercial management.


  • Site evaluation
  • Market analysis
  • Site rights
  • Draft permit process
  • Secure grid connections



  • Feasibility analysis
  • Risk analysis & migration
  • Capex, Opex and Revenue stream calcultations
  • Financial structuring
  • Consortium formation
  • Financial close


  • Detailed design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Commissioning


  • Optimization of operation
  • Operational monitoring
  • Asset management
  • SPV administration