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Mine Storage predicts the future need for grid-scale energy storage

Mine Storage is working continuously to understand and quantify the need for grid-scale energy storage in the energy system. Students Sophie Ågren and Alexandra Sederholm from Uppsala University has recently written a master thesis on the future needs of energy storage from a system perspective based upon Swedish TSO Svenska Kraftnäts weather scenarios for 2045. 

The study showed that the need for grid-scale energy storage is immense. Out of three weather scenarios the central scenario indicates a need in Sweden of 172 mine storages with a power rating of 100 MW and a capacity to store energy for 8 hours. Now the duo is going to work for Mine Storage with studying other alternative scenarios and probabilities combined with different mine storage power ratings and capacities.

– We are excited about the opportunity to continue to look at the possibilities with mine storages in Sweden. Our master thesis really opened our eyes for the potential of grid-scale storage, Alexandra and Sophie say.

Alexandra Sederholm (left) and Sophie Ågren (right) are excited about predicting the need for mine storages

The project is going to provide valuable insight into the market potential for mine storages and indications on how to dimension the units and how much energy they should store and release. Mine Storage is pleased to be able to offer young professionals opportunities working with important questions regarding the energy transition and wish Sophie and Alexandra a warm welcome!

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