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Mine Storage WoW

Our Way of Working

Sustainable Mine Storage

Mine Storage uses the same proven technology as traditional pumped storage, but applies it in an innovative way by using the height difference that you can find in decommissioned mines. As such, the mine itself becomes a circular asset. There are more than 1 million mines that are no longer in use. However, they are not all suitable to become mine storages.  This is where our expertise and or IP, called the Mine Storage WoWTM – or Way of Working comes in.  

Our Recipe

We manage the whole value chain, from qualifying and acquiring suitable sites, and project development, to financial structuring, design, procurement and construction, and on to technical and commercial management.

Site evaluation
Market analysis
Site rights
Draft permit process
Secure grid connections


Feasibility analysis
Risk analysis & migration
Capex, Opex and Revenue stream calcultations
Financial structuring
Consortium formation
Financial close


Detailed design


Optimization of operation
Operational monitoring
Asset management
SPV administration

  • Rights & regulations
  • Infrastructure
  • Mine & site assessment
  • Commercial
  • Initial Business Case
  • Market Analysis
  • Financial Close
  • Final Business case
  • Pre- Design
  • Risk management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Financial structuring
  • Consortium formation
  • Commissioning
  • Validation
  • Installation
  • Construction
  • Procurement
  • Detailed design
  • Optimization of operation
  • Operational monitoring
  • Asset management
  • SPV administration

Enables a faster scale up

Industrializing the project development

The Mine Storage WoWTM covers all the way from qualification to an operational mine storage to ensure a profitable business case. 

It involves everything from qualifying the mine, ensuring land rights, financing, procurement, and overseeing the construction. 

Asset Management for operational mine storages 

Once the site is in operation we provide asset management for which we have started to develop a software to optimize the trading strategy of the mine storages.

Mine Storage WoW

Suitable in most regions

By combining proven technology with a novel setting, the company Mine Storage has unlocked the potential to set up tailor-made energy storage facilities in any location with a suitable mine to repurpose. 

End goal focus

At Mine Storage, we always approach our project development by first looking at the market rather than being driven by the maximum capacity of a mine site. The market and the revenue streams provide the input for the rest of the project. 

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