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Boliden and Mine Storage enter into a collaboration agreement

Boliden Kylylahti mine

Being able to convert decommissioned mines into assets is an appealing thought for most mining companies. In the future, the closure of a mine can become the beginning of a renewable energy venture that creates new job opportunities for the local community. Because of this, Boliden has entered into a collaboration with Mine Storage to explore the feasibility regarding converting mines into a Mine Storages, i. e. a underground grid-scale energy storage facilities.

Boliden has ambitiously set sustainability goals and within the company, there is a strong tradition of external collaboration with innovate companies. Metal production is energy intensive, both in the mining phase and in refining processes. The possible opportunity to drive the growth of renewable energy production by utilizing already existing assets is a huge opportunity for mining companies to contribute in a whole new way.

”Our aim to be the most climate-friendly and respected metal provider in the world.This initiative provides us a new opportunity to take a wide perspective on the sustainability aspects after mining operation is closed,” says Jonas Ranggård, Manager, Boliden Mines Energy Program.

Mine Storage is a project development company focused on the rapidly emerging market for grid-scale energy storage. In addition to the market for electricity trading, the Nordic countries has several markets for balancing services established, which makes Boliden’s mines very attractive.

“As society quickly transition into weather-dependent power generation, we are seeing grid-scale energy storage as a vital component to manage the huge imbalances between production and consumption of electricity. At Mine Storage we want to contribute and play a role in this transition. Having Boliden on-board on the early phase of the journey is very encouraging,” says Thomas Johansson, CEO, Mine Storage International.

Read more about Boliden here.

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