Mine Storage new partner in Power Circle

Thomas Johansson

Sweden is moving towards an electricity system with an increased share of weather dependent electricity production, which requires large-scale energy storage. Mine Storage is therefore happy to become a partner in the Swedish organization Power Circle, which highlights the role of electricity as an enabler for sustainable development and brings together actors who are curious about the electricity system of the future. Power Circle wants to be a catalyst in the borderland between the old and the new, and between society, authorities and business.

We at Mine Storage want more people to understand the importance of quickly introducing grid-scale energy storage in the electricity system. The future development of the electricity system will include a much bigger percentage of electricity from wind and solar, but we can not control the sun and the wind, and the electricity networks cannot store energy to even out production. Maintaining the balance in the electricity network is already a challenge today, and with an increased share of intermittent electricity production, we will in the future have an even greater need for energy storage in the electricity networks.

“Large-scale energy storage, which can also act in the balance markets, is an important piece of the puzzle for speeding up electrification and being able to expand the share of renewable energy” says Johanna Lakso, CEO of Power Circle.

Power Circle has an exciting network with partners from academia, energy companies and technology companies. They create dialogue and conversations between their partners with a focus on the electricity system of the future. They also run forward-looking projects with a focus on smart electrification to bring new knowledge to society. Being able to contribute with Mine Storage’s perspective feels relevant and important.

“Power Circle shows good leadership and great knowledge of the future issues of the energy field. We see a great value in a collaboration, where we can jointly clarify the value of large-scale energy storage and how it can contribute to the transition to fossil-free solutions ”says Mine Storage’s CEO, Thomas Johansson.

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