How a mine is qualified for mine storage


When qualifying an interesting site, Mine Storage look at five areas in detail; market, commercial, rights & regulations, mine & site, and infrastructure. Each area needs to qualify on a number of parameters for the mine to have potential.

The market assessment is done to identify policies, regulation, incentives, potential partners, customers and preliminary revenues, and local acceptance levels. The commercial assessment involves preliminary financial estimates of the business case, partner structures and financial structures. The rights and regulatory part include discussions with land & concession holders and assessing the legislative and permitting prerequisites. The mine & site assessment is about geotechnical conditions such as rock steadiness, hydrological prerequisites such as head and mine design, environment, and operational questions such as need for draining and water quality. The infrastructure part involves assessment of grid-connections, construction infrastructure, health and safety and water supply.

By the Mine Storage WoW Mine Storage can identify the most suitable mines for Mine Storage on markets where scale is needed to secure the stability of the energy systems. The method ensures efficiency, lowers the risks and improves the business case with the environment first.